• COVID-19 Relief for All Clients Needing To Postpone or Cancel Their Event

    Postponement: For all our clients that have planned events in 2020 & 2021, NY Event Connection will grant to anyone who needs to postpone due to COVID-19 the courtesy to transfer the deposit already paid by the client, without penalty, to any future date that NY Event Connection is available within (2) years of the original contracted event date. Written confirmed availability by NY Event Connection for your new date is required in order for the relief to be effective.

    Should the event be cancelled outright or if client chooses an alternative date for which NY Event Connection has not confirmed availability in writing, or if client just chooses to not utilize this relief option listed above to transfer their event to an alternative date it will just be deemed a cancellation, for which they can also receive relief (see following paragraph).

    Cancellation: We will grant all clients having events in 2020 & 2021 who need to cancel due to COVID-19 the courtesy to utilize the deposit already paid without penalty, in FULL as a credit to use toward future services that will not expire for a period of (2) years from their original event date. This credit may also be transferred to another person within that same period to use towards an NY Event Connection party.

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